Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Got to Be Real

I'm jammin' to Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be Real" track right now. I realized today how much I dislike small plates. They are really useless tools. If you want more food you have to get more, big plates don't have that problem. Furthermore, small plates make you look like a mooch because you're getting up more often than you would have to were you eating on a full-sized plate. Found an interesting blogger (http://newyorkintern.blogspot.com); he fuhnee. My friend has a nephew who occasionally comes over to his parents' place (the place I come to every day and mooch off of their internet connection until I get things straightened out with my trans-Atlantic problems (remember, Marines?). It's pretty easy to get the kid riled up by contradicting whatever it is he says by shaking your head (this way there's no proof linking you to the situation). After 3 or 4 times of contradicting him he begins to scream rather loudly, good stuff.
Now, for more important things: I came across a BPD book and one its suggestions to cope with the whole "borderline" thing is to maintain consistency in your life (something I definitely never have had much of). I must admit that while I was on Parris Island things were pretty consistent in many ways and I felt much more normal then than I had in a long time, but don't get me wrong; Parris Island blows, man.
Ah, what else, I had a bunch of things I've been wanting to get off my chest here but can't seem to recall most of them. I could carry around one of them dictaphone things, but, eww, no!
Prior to leaving the US with my handy Toshiba laptop I didn't bring the recovery disk. I don't really know why. I knew I wasn't coming back, and I knew it had no place at my parents' place, but, I just didn't want to take it with me. I hate bringing extra shit wherever I go. But, of course, it's not like I'm a newbie with computers; I definitely know that a recovery disk is a must have. Perhaps I felt daring and didn't see the need to bring the recovery disk, who knows... I definitely have room in my cd case made for 48 cds. So, bien sur, one night I go to turn the laptop on and it tells me my config.sys file is corrupted.... I felt like a total ass. Especially because I could have even made a back-up disk without having the recovery disk. But no... I kept putting it off. This laptop does have cd-burning capabilities. Let's see, the last cd I burned was one that I and my friend could listen to while driving to the city to go out (a 1-hour drive).... So, I reinstalled Windows XP Pro (I had regular before that) on the same partition (dangerous, yes, I know) so that I could at least try to recover my files (mp3's and warez). It took me about 6 hours to transfer them from my laptop to another computer using a 512 Mb memory stick; needless to say, it sucked. After having salvaged all of my files I did a clean install of Windows XP Pro. Now, before you declare me lucky (something I hate people telling me) I installed the Dutch version of Windows XP Professional since it was the only cd I could get my hands on. I adjusted all of the regional and localized settings but I still have Dutch menus, file headers, descriptions, confirmations, and other files. Luckily (sometimes it's ok to say you're lucky) I can speak, read, and write Dutch fluently but it's still a pain in the arse having all of those things in Dutch as I have just grown accustomed to futsing around with Windows in an English environment. Not to mention, understanding the technical aspect of the Dutch language is something I am still vaguely acquainted with, meaning that I'm going to have to dedicate more energy to that than to scoping out chicks on members.msn.com

I can't wait... Baby, I can't wait... Tell me what is on your mind... (Nu Shooz "I can't Wait)

Gotta go, one of the beer-drinking neighbors is here, wuhuuu.


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